Since 2010, our energy plant in Bernburg (EAB) has been in operation. The thermal waste treatment facility puts the energy supply of the Solvay location on a broader basis, since the previous plant exclusively used gas. Now also refuse-derived fuels serve as energy suppliers. The generated steam is either used directly at the Solvay works or transformed into electrical energy by means of a turbine.


Refuse-derived fuels are waste (residential, commercial or industrial waste) that has been processed in compliance with predefined specifications and calorific values. Tönsmeier produces them for example in Oppin (Saxony-Anhalt region) – by means of special sorting technologies in mechanical processing plants for domestic and commercial waste. For the energy production, these substitute fuels are subsequently burned in Bernburg at a temperature of 850 C.

The advantages of EAB at a glance:

The advantages of EAB at a glance:
We get the best out of it!

  • Processing of refuse-derived fuels is climate-friendly
  • Waste is utilised efficiently and not jus disposed of
  • Conservation of finite resources such as coal or gas
  • Sophisticated flue gas cleaning reduces pollutants
  • Certified safety thanks to strict inspections
  • Jobs in the region are created and secured
  • Disposal safety at the highest level

You can find more information about the EAB in our flyer regarding this topic.

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